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A decentralized, transparent and open-source blockchain facilitating fast, reliable and secure transactions across a large network of users.

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Offering the most profitable investment opportunity with rewarding rates of up to 720% per annum when staking your coin on the network.


Masternode feature that offers never been seen before remote staking capabilities enabling users to receive larger block rewards.

SFICOIN - The new currency allowing users buy & sell things with best possible encryption, security & transparency. SFICOIN is built on a robust high speed decentralized hyper large open ledgers. Coin holders can transact on our platform accessing a very wide network of retailers & stores. More than 21 major brands can be accessed in 2018 using SFICOINs. Hence, SFICOIN is not just another cryptocurrency... it also gives you a well recognized high shopping platform to transact.

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SFICOIN is a digital currency which is bit different currency type from the one that we use. You can pay or send money to anyone, anywhere in the world in the form of this digital currency and that too in almost zero cost. It's the future of all the monetary transaction which happens in today's time. And the most important part is that the transaction occurs in friction of a second.

Because of the decentralized and peer-to-peer nature of the SFICOIN network it becomes more robust and resilient as it becomes larger. We encourage all users to run a full node, if they are able to. Running a SFICOIN node does not yet require a huge amount of processing power, but it does require a few gigabytes worth of disk space to store the blockchain, and there will be some impact on your bandwidth especially from connected nodes that are catching up on the blockchain. The easiest way to run a SFICOIN node, without affecting your home bandwidth, is to purchase a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Great thing is that the value of a digital coin is not with similar value with the value of the currencies you opted in. It is like an open account for everyone for only using it for exchange or payment. Moreover, SFICOINs is peer-to-peer digital money, fragmented and assigned as common register for people globally.

Note:- That there is also an no option to start mining directly from the GUI wallet because its pure 100% premined with Zero POS reward!

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