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SFI Blockchain Technologies limited

SFI Blockchain Technologies limited makes Crypto currency easier to purchase and transfer. The Company is located in 10997723, London, United Kingdom. SFI has developed cutting edge technology blockchain. The Company has built-in house capability and expertise to understand the full potential of this revolutionary technology. Team SFI is in the trade of technology, blockchain, Bigdata & firmware for more than a decade with numerous recognitions accredited.

Blockchain Technology

The invention of blockchain technology is a bit nebulous. A brainchild of a person or group of people known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakomoto invented and released the tech as a way to anonymously and digitally send payments between two parties also without involving a third party to verify the transaction. Initially, it was designed to facilitate, authorize, and log the transfer of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology is quite easy to understand at its core. In simple terms, the blockchain technology is a modern distributed ledger that stores data and also verifies its integrity.

Besides, Blockchain technology has the potential to transform agriculture tremendously; the sector stands to benefits immensely from the technology. Also, as for the blockchain technology itself, it has various applications from banking to the Internet of things. Moreover, in hospitals, financiers and other parties in the healthcare value chain Blockchain would allow to share information without compromising data security and integrity.

Furthermore, the Company launches SFICOIN, is a digital currency by which you can send money to anywhere to anyone in the world in almost zero cost. This is a decentralized currency and because of its peer to peer nature it becomes most robust and resilient. You can simply begin staking today by buying coins from an exchange and downloading the latest wallet. SFICOIN Core wallet is also there that is based on the well known Bitcoin Core QT wallet, and it has a custom aesthetic. If anyone which is familiar with this one will be up and running with the SFICOIN wallet in very little time. You can see different wallets in the website including Window wallet, Linux Wallet, Android Wallet, Paper Wallet, Mac Wallet and Electrum Wallet.


In the current era of complete financial inclusion and global movement for upgrading the lifestyle with more ease, security, transparency & speed; we introduced SFICOINs. SFICOINs will enable remittances at a very low transaction cost as compared to other methods of remittances. This will furthermore bring forth revolution in digital payment solutions. Our endeavor is to include transportation & retail segment within this technology considering very low penetration of digital payments in these domains. Team SFI already started the project with significant resources and infrastructure across geographies.


We aim at on-boarding 50 million users and customers by 2021. We aim at increasing our footprint in Wallet and Cryptocurrency space simultaneously with the robust backbone of our strong Technology & Sales team.

Are you ready to deep dive into this Revolutionary Technology?

We provide transparent and open source block chain facilitation which provides fast, secure and reliable transaction across a large network of users.

We encourage users that if they are able to then they should run a full node. Moreover, running SFICOIN node requires only a few gigabytes that worth of disk space that to store the blockchain, it does not require a big amount of processing power. However, there will be some impact on your bandwidth peculiarly from connected nodes that are catching up on the blockchain. By purchasing VPS (Virtual Private Server), the user can easily run SFICOIN node without affecting home bandwidth. We are having trusted exchange Partners. For any difficulty you can contact us as we believe in highly customer focused services to treat every client with respect and in professional manner.

Security Partners

Security features are really important for financial platform